About Us

Who We Are

Noza Marketing Communications

We are an advertising company, specializing in outdoor advertising and capable of delivering multimedia entertainment across the broadcasting world. The knowledge together with the experience we have acquired makes us confident that we can produce any kind of advertising.

What We Do

Outdoor Advertising

To be precise we identify good site opportunities and offer them to our clients to create awareness and increase reach.

Holistic Approach

The Noza Approach

We are able to target the lucrative township market, because location is everything to us. We also provide opportunities for property owners to become landlords without having to do anything besides supplementing their income.

Our Clients

We are always striving to exceed our clients expectation.


Our company encompasses the following management principles, which have been incorporated into our company policies, business philosophy and business processes. This mix strategically positions Noza Marketing well as other advertisers attempt to reach an increasingly fragmented and diverse market.

Product Range For Outdoor Advertising

We provide a one-stop advertising service for marketers across South Africa from the design and printing of artwork, to the display of outdoor advertising.

Service Image Our focus is on excellence

We pride ourselves in everywhere we go in Outdoor Advertising World!

Service Image

Our team is committed to providing a cost effective and a tailor made service of the highest possible standard to all our clients.

Service Image The Digital Advantage

We further more believe that, with the power of multi-media & information technology, knowledge coupled with the experience that we have, we can compete with the giants and the best in the industry.

Service Image

We are a small entity to ensure that you receive a personalized and cost effective service.